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It's the year 2234 and the earth was taken over by aliens from another world. Billions of people died the day they invaded there are at least 1 billion human survivors.This event happened 10 years ago. So a program was put together to get battle against this alien races and drive them out of our home this team was called G.I.A.N.T (the Galactic Insertion Annihilation & Neutralization Team), Their mission is to wipe out or make the alien race to retreat off our planet.


WASD and the Arrow keys: Your basic movement controls: 

  • W/ Up - Forwards
  • A/ Down- Backwards
  • S/ Left - Left 
  • D/ Right - Right 

The mouse cursor: which point the point the weapon to where you want to fire the weapon.

Left mouse : This is the button which allows you to fire your weapon.

Install instructions

The File you will download is a .ZIP file you will need to extract the files to play the game.


Alien Assault.zip 239 MB

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